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Ph.D. Degree Program


Ph.D. Degree Program

A minimum of 34 credits is required for doctoral students in a period of 2 to 7years. A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) degree will be granted upon successful completion of coursework, written and oral qualifying examination, proposal and defense of doctoral dissertation. The structure of the curriculum is as follow:

(1)Required course: One required course “
Educational Methodology” is offered to develop students’ knowledge in educational foundations and research skills so that they can have a deeper understanding of various educational research paradigms and practices and the ability for independent investigation.

(2)Elective courses: To
 meet students’ academic interest , numerous elective courses are offered in the following three domains. Students are able to choose their individual areas of interest among the three professional disciplines (a. Educational Psychology, b. Science Education, and c. Educational Administration and Management) with an optional minor. Students are able to take courses across different departments or universities for a maximum of 10 credit hours.

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