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M. Ed. Degree Program


M. Ed. Degree Program

A minimum of 34 credits is required for full-time students in a period of 2 to 4 years and 36 credits for part-time students in a period of 2 to 6 years. Those who pass all their course work, submit master theses, and pass their oral examinations will receive a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. The structure of the curriculum is as follow:

(1)Required courses are designed to help students acquire knowledge of educational theories in general as well as develop their research abilities.
(2)Elective courses are designed to provide opportunities for students to investigate their own interests and for the Institute to develop a reputation as a high-quality educational university. The remaining credits are for
thesis writing.

 Courses in Curriculum and Instruction take into account not only that students need to learn foundational educational theories and research methods, but also that students need to develop the skills to be able to choose their individual areas of interest. With this curriculum, the Institute is able to support the outstanding educators for a higher level of educational research in the future. Courses in Educational Administration are offered to prepare students to be professional by cultivating them with foundational knowledge in educational administration and evaluation. Courses related to Research Methodology In Education include Advanced Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, and Qualitative Research Methods in order to prepare students with professional knowledge in both quantitative and qualitative research. Additionally, a diverse list of classes, including Educational Psychology, Comparative Education, The Higher Education, Special Education and Learning Disability are offered for students to meet their individual interest.

 Students from this Institute can sit for examinations in the Teacher Education Program and to transfer up to
13 credits of course work from the Institute of Education to the Teacher Education Program.

►Curriculum for full-time students (2020.05.28)
►Curriculum for part-time students (2019.10.14)